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04 September 2008 @ 12:25 pm
I just started eyeing through the opened Lady Lovely Locks Panini Sticker album that I have.. and it seems I am missing one sticker. I suspect it must've been my daughter that in an unguarded moment made it go away :/

I did buy some loose stickers at one point though, so I have a few duplicates, should anyone want to trade/buy! :)


I am looking for this panini album sticker:



I have duplicates of these:

10, 13, 81, 85, 102, 122, 167, 201, 213

as well as H

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12 July 2008 @ 06:18 pm
Dear LLL fans,

the 20th anniversary of Lady Lovely Locks is soon here!

In case you have missed it, a fan posted this on the forum for the Unofficial Website for Lady Lovely Locks and the Pixietails:

Rebirth of Lovely Locks
2008 will be Lady Lovely Locks’ 20th anniversary, and I think that it needs to be re-released just as strawberry shortcake and care bears were. I’m planning to write American Greetings on this subject. However I do not have enough support; it would bring me much pleasure if every one would support me and give me more points to put in the letter. Thank you all that have read this and hopefully we will have Lady return with all her glory.

You can find the original post here, along with the many replies and suggestions for how to spice up this anniversary.

As even though LLL is not officially re-released in any way, this doesn't stop us fans from celebrating the occasion one way or the other. Personally I have some ideas on how to introduce and illustrate a new character or two, or perhaps draw some new dresses for the existing LLL characters :)
06 September 2006 @ 10:12 pm
I implore all of you who remember my favourite childhood characters!

Do any of you have and are willing to part with, or know where I can find, the Lady Lovely Locks TV series on tape in a North American format!?

I've found the full series on VHS on E-Bay more than once, but ALWAYS it's European format - tapes that no VHS player on my continent will play! ;_;

I really want to see my favourite series again! Can anyone help me find it?
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08 May 2006 @ 02:45 pm

Dear LLL fans,

...now's the time to get your pixely creativity flowing... as I am holding an LLL pixel doll contest!

Please click here to visit the page with contest info & rules :)

23 April 2006 @ 12:30 am
Hello all! I'm a doll collector from Finland. I collect many vintage fashion dolls and some today's dolls as well. I have all Lady Lovely Locks main characters in my collection and some custom Lovely Locks dolls too. I have lots of doll pictures in my home site but unfortunately my site is in Finnish. Still you can enjoy my pictures if you visit my site. I have Lady Lovely Locks Swan Boat for sale. It's been played with but it's still in nice condition. Let me know if anyone of you is interested. A picture of it here: http://members.surfeu.fi/swanlady/swanboat.jpg . Regards, Katariina
I have so far made 4 LLL desktop images, and the kind Webmistress Manon Yapari has added them to her wonderful LLL page.

> Clickie here for the LLL desktop images ! <

And do browse around The Unofficial Website for Lady Lovely Locks & The Pixietails in its entirety as well, after the re-vamp there's lots of content, including a FanQuarters section :)
Hey there fellow LLL fans! I'm selling off all my 80's toy collections to help me afford the purchase of my first house, and I just so happen to have a few LLL things around still. I figured I'd tell you guys what I have and give you some links, cause I know these things come buy pretty rarely (especially since I'm startin them @ 99 cents w./ no reserve). Here's a link to what I've got! Enchanted Island Lovely Lady Locks, Lilysplash the Lilytop, and 5 pixietails
I also have lots of other 80's toys up for sale, which you can see on my lj. Thanks for looking, I hope one of you guys gets this!
23 March 2005 @ 07:45 pm
For my birthday I got a complete lilytop!!! I had the purple one already, but I didn't have the complete top with the lily pad. Sooo my friend found one on ebay ( well I found it, but they bought it ) with the complete lilypad and flower thing that goes on the top of it!!!! I am sooo excyted. The lilytops seem soo rare that it is quyte excyting to have found one at an affordable pryce ( even though it is used ). The lot also came with a purple comb gnome which is great too!!! I only had the 2 that came with the Duchess. . .and they are sooooo cute that I am always looking for more, so that is quyte excyting!!! The lot also came with some more pixitayles, which you can never have enough of, and some other items I already have, but it doesn't hurt to have more than one! So I got a loose whyte bathing suite ( the one that went with the seasyde lll doll ) and another Silkypup and another purple and pink hyde and peek. I can't think of names ryght now because I'm not thinking strayght. . .lol. Anyway, soooo it's sooo excyting!!! Just wanted to share my happy birthdayness with everyone =)
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22 March 2005 @ 05:05 am
Yepp, they simply have to go live somewhere else now.. I have muchly enjoyed them though :)

6 Lady Lovely Locks Comics + Stickers !